6 Both Curriculum-Based Measurement Books Edited by Mark R. Shinn




Digital Copies of Original Books on Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) Edited by Mark R. Shinn, Ph.D.

Curriculum-Based Measurement: Assessing Special Children (1989)

This book, now out of print, sold over 10,000 copies in paperback and over 900 in hardcover and is referred by many as the “red book.” Never liked the title. It really wasn’t about that!

The book features a seminal chapter by Stan Deno on Problem Solving that still rings true today. If you get “lost” in professional practice or  you need inspiration, go there. Plus, if you want other foundations, to understand where some of the ideas of today’s practice in problem solving have evolved from–good or goofy, take a read! There’s valuable chapters on goal setting by Lynn Fuchs and Mark and you can see language, some of which that rings true, but others like “instructional range” that were quickly dropped. Other CBM originalists contribute chapters that stand the test of time and are worth keeping.

Advanced Applications of Curriculum-Based Measurement (1998)

This edited also is now out of print. It sold 3285 copies and to my frustration was only offered in hardcover and to me, significantly limited sales. This book had the opportunity to fill in some serious gaps that had been identified since CBM has been used in an expanding Problem-Solving model, including a more clearly articulated process toward what was to become RTI and MTSS. The introductory chapter by Shinn and Bamonto I thought did a nice job of clarifying a number of points of confusion about CBM that had emerged over the years. Additionally, the book contains chapters on areas where CBM use had been expanded, including students below Grade 1 and the “original DIBELS” before it co-opted CBM”, English Learners and the concept of 2-step screening, and students with diverse backgrounds. Comments or annotations about this book are welcome to be posted if
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